Working from home is something I’ve had to get use to over the last several months. Almost every area of my little apartment has been considered “office” territory at some point or another. My strategy (or lack there of) was all about finding a space that made me feel most comfortable and inspired to work in that day. But more times than I’d like to admit, this plan often made for a disorganized and interrupted workday. Seriously… I was in a workspace limbo (new word for the books right there!) because I disliked that my only “desk” space (a wooden dining table, now turned desk) was stuck back in a corner of my apartment. It just felt so blah.

I knew that it was time for a change! After a few months of maintaining the same  work from home lifestyle, I decided it was time to focus on creating a space that would encourage my creativity + productivity and well, just help me get stuff done. I went on a mission to make my workspace more permanent and separate from the rest of my apartment. I cleared the clutter and invested in some office organization pieces that would help me organize paper work and daily office essentials. Can I mention the amazing finds and amount of fun I had finding these gold paper clips and this acrylic business card holder?! It was totally worth it to me to invest in pieces that made me feel happy and inspired! Those items, along with a few more home office essentials, have helped me to create a space that keeps me feeling motivated and productive. I think it’s all about turning what you have into a place that you love coming to work in every day. It can really make all the difference! How do you make working from home more productive? I’d love to hear what works for you and how you avoid being in a workspace limbo!

(P.S. this candle from Bath & Body Works is uhhh-mazing!)


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